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Lauren Huber


West Salem High School

Todd Zimbelman - director

Lauren Huber, a junior at West Salem High School, possesses a profound passion for music. Over the past 7 years, she has been playing the flute, and for the last 3 years, she has embraced the piccolo. She holds the position of principal flutist for West Salem High School's Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. As soloist and section leader of her school's marching band, Lauren takes pride in her role as a musical leader. Beyond school, she actively participates in her city and state's All-City and All-State ensembles, Salem Youth Symphony, as well as the Western International Band Clinic (WIBC).

In addition to her musical pursuits, Lauren finds joy in being actively engaged in civics. Through her advocacy efforts, she currently holds positions on various youth boards, allowing her to contribute meaningfully to discussions and initiatives that impact her community.

Looking toward the future, after high school, Lauren plans to attend a four-year college on a pre-med track with the goal of going to med school and becoming a physician. 

Lauren Huber
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