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Isabelle Cryan

Alto Saxophone

Union High School

Adam Morrell - director

I’m a junior at Union High School, and I’ve been playing the alto saxophone for 6 years, and embraced the soprano about two years ago. I am the principal player and drum major in my school as well as in PYP and MYS. I’ve also participated in many honor bands including WIBC (2023) all-state, and gone to state solo and ensemble. Out of school I enjoy spending time with my friends, messing around in the band room after school, going to concerts, and stressing about the homework I’m actively avoiding. I’m thrilled I get the opportunity to travel to Australia to play music, and am very excited to reunite with some of the players I met at WIBC who will be joining me on this trip. In the future I’d like to go to college to major in music education and minor in saxophone performance, and hopefully end up becoming a band director to have the same positive influence on others that my directors have had on me and so many of my band mates.

Isabelle Cryan
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